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Top 3 SEO Trends in 2021 You must know

SEO or Search engine optimization may be the most consistent and valuable marketing channel available to all marketers. For example, SEO generated 22% of all website visits in 2019 by a digital media report.

Despite what many people have heard, SEO doesn’t die, and it is growing, as you may mention above. So, SEO is here to stay, but that doesn’t mean you will see the same SEO for years to come as you know about SEO today. That’s why keeping up to date and knowing precisely what Google will offer you in 2021 and beyond is critical. As such, in 2021, don’t ignore these top SEO trends if you want to drive more organic traffic to your site.


  • User focus
  • Search and conversion intent
  • Experience of the page and main vital aspects of the web

User focus

One of SEO’s best agencies with whom I’m ever dealing has spoken in SEO: “What’s good for the user is good for SEO (and Google).”

It was 10 years ago and today. This phrase was accurate. Google would like to offer users or search engines the best experience possible. When Google sends a user to its website via the SERP, they would like this user to be satisfied. If so, the next time he has to look for something, the user will go back to Google.

Above all, a great SEO strategy should start with putting yourself in the user’s shoes and wondering if the content is precious, the brand is trustworthy, and the website is easy to use.

Search and conversion intent

You better view the search engine results page when your content or SEO teams sit down to write new content (SERP). Go to SERP before checking out SEMRush, GSC, or any other SEO tool. The SERP shows you what Google considers to be the best results for the user. When searching the query or search terms, Google tells you the type of content you must create. You indeed fall behind if you don’t learn how to match this intention.

The SEO professionals who will be successful in 2021 will be those who can really understand how to meet the needs of search engines.

By meeting these needs, when the user is ready, you will receive more conversions. SEO’s goal is not only to increase organic transport but also to increase your business performance. If the site can collect millions of sessions without any monetization, it is worth nothing. If a user reaches a low-funneling page, he should ensure that his funnel is easy to use and is easy to get to the goal. Do not push the funnel too hard when the user searches the information and comes to an article because it’s probably not ready, and you could lose lead forever. Instead, use that information and guide the user to the next logical page when you know the user’s intent by page type.

Experience of the page and main vital aspects of the web

Last year, Google announced that the page experience and its Core Web Vitals would be ranking factors for Google’s algorithm starting in May 2021. Simply put, Google will officially use site speed as a ranking factor.

If you ask any seasoned SEO, they will likely say that site speed is already a direct ranking factor. After all, it’s an indirect ranking factor because if you have a slow site, a user will bounce back to Google. Google calls that “sticking a pogo” and that, my friends, hurts your SEO rankings.

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