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A decent graphic design is essential for producing images and brand identities. Consequently, we feel it is essential to include you throughout the process, not just to keep you informed but also to ensure that we remain consistent with your demands and objectives.

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E-Commerce Website Development Dubai

E-commerce web design and website development in Dubai are expected to continue to grow in the coming years. The city is home to a rapidly growing e-commerce market, and businesses of all sizes are looking for ways to reach online shoppers. E-commerce web design and development companies in Dubai can help businesses create websites that are both visually appealing and user-friendly and that are optimized for search engines.

Are you thinking of hiring the best e-commerce development & web designs agency in Dubai but don’t know which one? Maybe you are wondering if it’s even worth the penny to hire an agency. If these questions have been bothering you, you’ve come to the right place!

Your business needs all the care possible to make it grow and reach a wider audience. It might surprise you to know that according to a survey by Adobe, 38% of visitors leave a website if they find the layout unattractive! Hence, developing a website that’s not only appealing but offers all the services of your business is paramount to creating a successful business portfolio.

But, given the many free online platforms that allow you to create any website, most people opt for the easier way out. While it may seem reasonable to create e-commerce websites for online sales on your own or let the in-house team do it, you will need professional help once your business grows for responsive ecommerce.

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Benefits of choosing an ecommerce web design agency in Dubai

Customized website design

Customized web design by Legend1st
The e commerce website you create for your business must feature everything about your business along with attracting the targeted customers. Every business has its set of target customers, and your website must ensure that such customers visit your website.

Ecommerce website development agencies like Legend1st in Dubai will build a website that best fascinates your target customers. The user experience of your customers will enhance, thus letting them stay on your website for a long with best web design company in dubai. They will interact with you more, that’ll eventually boost your conversion rate.

Optimized website performance

Optimized Website by Legend1st
The page loading time of your e commerce website is one of the most important factors that affect your business conversion rate. People these days use all kinds of devices, such as mobile phones, laptops, and tablets to access any kind of website.

Hence, your online business webpage must be compatible with all devices and perform fast despite the device used to open the page. This is possible only with the help of technical experts who can optimize your website performance using the latest software tools with ecommerce development. They will provide enhanced speed, web development and security to your e commerce website, which you wouldn’t find if you do it on your own.

Incorporate digital reality

Digital reality by Legend1st
With the advent of artificial intelligence and other digital tools, your e commerce website must remain updated with the latest features a good business ecommerce website must contain. The use of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) can enhance the shopping experience of every customer.

Ecommerce websites that are powered by AR or VR have the potential to drive user engagement, increase sessions and boost sales. Your customers will have an in-store experience with these features in ecommerce development.

And for such an experience, ecommerce web design agencies are well-equipped to evolve with the changing landscape and demands of the customers through ecommerce development. In Dubai UAE, customers look for anything flashy and posh! Having such digital realities on your website will definitely entice your customers.

Reach a wider audience

Reach wider audience by Legend1st
It goes without saying that having an online e commerce website may even let you reach the stars, thanks to the dawn of the internet! For local businesses in Dubai UAE, it is possible to expand globally if you hire the best ecommerce web development agency in the country!

Research shows that 87% of consumers first look for products online. Thus, owning an online store will help you close more deals as you interact with more customers. An ecommerce website development company will do all the research for you and customize a website that’s capable of reaching a wide number of masses.

SEO Optimized Website

Statistics show that more than 2.14 billion internet users are online shoppers. Also, 93% of website traffic comes from search engines like Google and Bing. You should know that most users only click on the first three links on their search engine list. Thus, your online store must feature on these search engine lists, but how do you do that?

Through SEO optimization of your ecommerce website, your business website will be visible to many users worldwide and in Dubai UAE. And for this, you must hire ecommerce website development agencies!

E commerce web development agencies will use the right keywords that are trending in your line of business to ensure that your website ranks at the top. By having an SEO-friendly website, you’ll notice more traffic flow and more conversion rates through ecommerce development.

Quality check

Website Quality Check by legend1st
Before launching an online website, you need to be sure that your website won’t break down to fail with time. Since having an e commerce website is a sophisticated business tool, you must know what to do when something goes wrong.

Legit ecommerce website development agencies will have Quality Assurance (QA) in the list of services they offer. Such testing will keep your ecommerce website free from any kind of technical failures of ecommerce development in the future.

Responsive Ecommerce shopping website

The ultimate goal of your ecommerce website is for customers to end up buying your products. For that, you need to give them a smooth and seamless shopping experience. From featuring the right drop-down menus to multiple online payments gateway integration, you need to have them all.

Getting these ecommerce solutions is super easy when you have the best ecommerce web development agency. The web development company will have hands-on experience and will have knowledge of the latest payment gateways or software that enables user friendly shopping!

There should be no waiting time between transactions or while adding items to the cart. These are some of the important things to consider when designing and developing an ecommerce web.

Expanding to other platforms

It is crucial that your business evolves with the changing digital landscape. Nowadays, just having an ecommerce website is not enough, and your business must venture into other platforms too.

Social media platforms, for example are gaining ground and becoming one of the hotspots for online shoppers across the globe. A good ecommerce development company can help you expand your business outreach by incorporating these platforms into your business’s digital marketing strategy with best ecommerce website development company in dubai.

They will know which design development approach you must take to maximize the incoming target audience.

Ecommerce website security

Shopping online can become risky sometimes, so your online store must possess all security features in place to save your customers from getting robbed. Most shoppers these days look for what security measures the online store has so that their transaction details are safe.

Ecommerce websites must have SSL certification, guaranteeing the safety of the ecommerce site. An ecommerce development company will ensure that you have an SSL certificate installed along with other features such as firewall or malware scanning.

Such features will display the authenticity and the security of your ecommerce web development.

Retarget customers

marketing-target-audience-concept-with-focus-customer-group by legend1st
The ecommerce website you develop must have the ability to retarget customers if they leave the website without buying the products. Most customers tend to add items to their carts but would not make the payment or checkout. It could be because of many reasons such as unsurety or lack of funds at the moment or more.

But your responsibility is to bring them back to the website in a way they are not irritated or annoyed. How do you do that? Simply let the professionals handle it!

Statistics show that when customers are retargeted using display ads, they are 70% more likely to visit the retailer’s website and make a purchase. Your ecommerce website design agency will monitor abandoned carts, study the shopping behavior of the demographics and take necessary steps to ensure they come back to purchase the items.

Maintenance and support

boost-traffic-your-website-improve-performance-with-seo-strategy by Legend1st
Online websites are prone to many updates/ upgrades with time. You might need to change a few features on your website or upgrade the existing layout to suit your customers’ evolving demands.

When you hire a ecommerce web development company, the job becomes a lot easier. The agency is in charge of keeping the web design up-to-date while also ensuring the latest tools or trends are in place.

The design and development of any commercial website requires maintenance and your ecommerce website development Dubai company will do that. Your business and your online store must have regular checkups to ensure all security measures are in place and your customers don’t risk anything by investing in it.

How to Choose the Right Ecommerce Websites Development and Web Design Dubai?

Best Budget for E-Commerce by Legend1st

Taking budget into account is very important, and this is true for small businesses. Budget is the first thing you must discuss with your agency. You can ask for their package and figure out if they can work around your budget.

Few agencies like ours may offer packages with discounts, you can ask for such options too.

Excellent Understanding of client needs by legend1st

While you may know your business best, the ecommerce development agency will know how you can best leverage your business ideas. Along with being a domain expert and experienced, the agency must have a team that is open-minded and creative.

Our ecommerce team consists of technical experts who know how to design convertible, and responsive SEO- optimized websites.


Location of E-Commerce web designing firm in Dubai

If you are somebody who likes in-person meetings, then choosing an agency locally is your best bet. There are many online ecommerce service agencies, and most even deliver excellent results. But, there’s nothing like having an ecommerce development agency that’s located in the same city!

Portfolio of social media legend1st

Don’t forget to check the agency’s client portfolio and get a full-proof view of their work. Check out their list of clients and visit the websites of those clients. Browse through their websites and understand if you like their site’s user experience.

Another factor is understanding the type of businesses they deal with and figuring out if your business is in the same field. Try to know what strategies they have used for their other clients and if they would work for you too.


total experience
You need to check the level of experience the agency has and analyse if they are a good match. Some agencies might be new to the market, but they would come up with fresh ideas. An agency with experience with local businesses may be able to curate a better website for your local customers.

Hence, in the end it comes to personal preference and most importantly-budget! You might not be able to afford an agency that’s well-experienced as they might be expensive.

Prompt Delivery of 3D models

Ecommerce web design Dubai is an evolving business, and you must make the most out of it! Hiring an agency like Lengend1st will put your online store on top of the list and give you the best ROIs.

Why To Choose our ECommerce Web Development Services ?

Industry expertise

As a pioneer in the ecommerce website design dubai market, we have a varied team of experts who specialize in all kinds of marketing business.

expert thinking on video production
We understand that a business with a broad range of products will require a different type of website than a business that focuses on a specific industry.

We are able to curate web development services in Dubai for our clients in every way possible. We understand that every industry is different with different cultures, target customers, unique jargon, and problems.

We offer web development in Dubai taking into care of the specific needs of our clients while keeping authenticity and uniqueness as our top priorities.

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Customers first

Our team of professionals will be honest in letting you know if a certain feature is affecting your customers negatively.

customer-service-satisfaction-concept by Legend1st
We are a web development company in Dubai that believe in putting your customers before you! Yes, we will cater to the needs of your customers first! The way we do this is by understanding your customers in order to design an ecommerce website they would find attractive!

We strive to create a strong bond of trust between you and your customers through your online store and maintain that relationship. This strategy of ours has been successful for many years now, with our clients commending it.

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KPIs and metrics tracking

A successful e commerce website must be able to analyse the right metrics for the business and incorporate upgrades accordingly.

track seo result of your online business
If you hire an ecommerce website development company in Dubai like us, we will do all the tracking of the right metrics and KPIs for you.

To grow your business, you must be able to identify the core metrics to boost your sales. We offer to track of core metrics such as:

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Sales conversion rate

In a competitive market like in Dubai UAE, your sales conversion rates must eventually increase if you want the business to thrive. We can help you achieve that by tracking both your micro and macro conversion rates. We offer consistent testing to give you the best ecommerce solutions.

Drive website traffic by legend1st

Website traffic

Online traffic is highly inconsistent these days, but we will ensure that your ecommerce online store is always optimized through CRO procedures. That way, we will be able to increase the website’s traffic at a lower cost and time.

Studying the e commerce website traffic sources is important. You must know which sources cost you money, make you money and increase conversion rates. But, you don’t have to worry about these metrics; it is our job to keep a check on all of these.

Cut the rate of your marketing expenses with legend1st

Reduce return rates

Return rates are very high with ecommerce websites as compared to brick and mortar return rates. Most online shoppers buy items online with the intent to return at the slightest dislike of the product.

But, we understand how this can be reduced with ecommerce websites. We have checks and balances in place that’ll identify what’s causing the high return rates on your ecommerce site and we can help you reduce it.

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Latest digital marketing tools

Our clients are always satisfied with our e commerce website strategies because our e commerce sites feature the best digital marketing tools available in the market.

big-data-technology-business-finance-concept by Legend1st
As a top-class ecommerce web design agency, we make use of the most efficient plug-ins and high-end modules to improve the functionality of the website.

From integrating the best payment gateway to using the most logical ecommerce solutions, we take your site’s user experience to another level altogether.

The design and development of your e commerce website is what drives your business in the online market. Our ecommerce solutions can help you advertise your ecommerce website in different platforms worldwide including in Dubai UAE.

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Laser focus on revenues and returns

We are an ecommerce website design and development agency in Dubai that focuses on securing the highest digital marketing revenues and digital marketing returns for the investments you make in your digital marketing business.

Business Growth by Legend1st
We guarantee that anything we do for our clients should generate sales and revenues consistently.

We will guide you into lowering advertising costs while increasing your return on market investments. There are many agencies who are only concerned about their monthly fees and may not give you all the information on these aspects. But, we are different!

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24x7 maintenance support

Running an ecommerce website is not easy and we understand that. There may be technical glitches any time of the day, and you may not know how to fix them!

Being a responsible ecommerce development company, we offer the most comprehensive ecommerce maintenance solutions for your ecommerce website.

While we take care to create the best and smoothest user experience ecommerce website design, the ecommerce site may break down for many reasons. This is the most common problem with many ecommerce sites.

Honestly speaking, our clients have hardly faced any of these issues because of our prompt response to any kind of attack. We have technical checks in place, and our customer service is available 24×7 to address all these issues.

We have our ecommerce web design and development team who work non-stop to bring the best design development services to you. For the businesses in Dubai UAE, we are locally based, and you can visit us as at your convenient time. And for those who are located abroad and love us for our work, you can always call us or leave us an email and we will get back to you ASAP!

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Why Choose Legend1st for Ecommerce Solutions & Web Development Dubai?

Getting a web design Dubai might seem like a daunting task given the myriad ecommerce web design agencies available today. But, when you start hunting for the right one, there are many factors to consider. Ecommerce web design and development must be entrusted to an agency you trust. From understanding your demands and customer needs to being always available for any emergencies is crucial.

The web development services you receive must be scalable, authentic and robust. You’d want to hire a local agency so you don’t worry about working hours, which is the case with most online web design services.

You don’t need to search long and hard to know that Lengend1st is the top ecommerce web development agency Dubai. Our clients’ portfolio starts from the smallest local business to the largest companies in the country.

Our ecommerce web services are developed by our team of experts/ professionals who have years of experience in the field. Let’s dive into some of the many advantages of using our services.

E-Commerce website by Legend1st
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