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Whether you need a digital marketing plan to launch a new product, boost your image, express your vision, or just make a video to tell your story, we are here to help you succeed. Our video production business in UAE understands how to establish a good connection with your clients and advertise your products and services.

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Corporate Video Production Service

Corporate animated videos have evolved into an indispensable corporate tool. Marketers worldwide rely on corporate films for advertising company videos more than any other media.

Only a competent corporate 3D animated video production firm like ours is capable of conceptualizing and producing new corporate animated videos that will give your business communications a competitive edge over those of your rivals. With the assistance of professionally created corporate and viral films, you can convey an engaging and amusing tale about your product or service.

We are Dubai’s leading corporate 3D video company. Here, we don’t simply produce advertisements; we build fascinating, result-oriented tales about your organization. We help you stand out from the competition by developing corporate explainer videos with the ideal combination of text, images, and music. 

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Benefits of Hiring a Corporate 3D Video Company

Get Customer Engagement

3d video production Customer Engagement

3d video production Customer Engagement

If you are unsure of the type of material you wish to write, an experienced firm will be able to give you wonderful suggestions.

However, even if you already know what you want for your 3D animated explainer videos, the information you share on social media, or any other objectives, they may still be able to help you improve it. With the assistance of specialists, your target audience will be impressed and captivated by a animated explainer video’s narrative flow.

Better Shooting

Even though everyone can capture a video, there may be a difference in quality when professionals do so. Professional 3D animated explainer videos production firms aid businesses in the creation of high-quality 3D animation videos by using a more advantageous camera perspective.

3d video production Better Shooting

They are aware of the best viewpoint to take in each circumstance, which enables you to produce the best film possible for your prospective customers.

In addition, they have the appropriate gear to capture the video and can give the best lighting for the shot while they are on your set. Your customers will have a greater appreciation for the content you provide if you are able to generate recordings of good quality.

It is more likely to catch their interest than other low-quality explainer videos recording do, which means that you should try to get their attention.

Excellent Editing Skills

3d animation video company Excellent Editing Skills

Once you have completed the shooting, your objectives do not end. That’s where post-production begins. You may have done a good job capturing scene footage, but you still need to concentrate on editing in order to create a compelling 3D animation video.

They can edit your footage and make them immaculate due to their superior editing abilities as specialists in video creation. If you have a certain vision for the editing and effects, they will help you accomplish it.

Less Hassle 3D Animation Video Production

Less Hassle 3D Animation Video Production

Rather than doing everything yourself or with your team, you may obtain a simpler film production with the assistance of professionals.

Since 3D whiteboard animation video production businesses are responsible for the most challenging content creation tasks, your workload will be reduced. In addition, you will have less worry because they will manage the situation. Instead of dealing with the hassles of 3D animation video production, you only need to communicate your ideas to them, and they will implement them.

Make Your Brand Remarkable

Make Your Brand Remarkable

Due to the cost, hiring professional 3D whiteboard animation video company may be a questionable decision for certain businesses. However, if you consider what you will receive in exchange, you won’t second guess.

Not only do great 3D animated video production businesses complete their team’s work, but they also execute their obligations with diligence. Therefore, you’ll be able to commission a film that will assist your brand stand out from the competition.

Corporate 3D Animation Video Company

Corporate 3D Animation Video Company

We are the industry leader in providing award-winning, comprehensive, and innovative explainer video and corporate 3D animation video production services based in Dubai UAE.

In addition, we are dedicated to using only ethical digital marketing and promotion methods to link businesses with customers. Our team of skilled corporate videographers analyses, plans, films, and edits your corporate 3D animated video to get the best possible outcomes.

Services Provided by Our Corporate Video Company

We provide site shooting permits, skilled directors, writers, cinematographers, shooting crew, editors, and other technical teams.

We have the most up-to-date 3D video production and other technological equipment, and we spare no effort to provide you with the finest product available on the market.

Services Provided by Our Corporate Video Company

We handle the full process in-house, from pre-production to production and also post-production. We are the best service 3D animated video production company at affordable prices for both large and medium-sized businesses.

Our production team will produce visual art, whether you make a social media explainer video, a commercial product film, or a testimonial video. Our skilled employees are at ease working from any location in the world.

Promotional & Commercials 3D Videos Production

According to studies, promotional films are the form of marketing material that consumers are most likely to remember and retain long after viewing.

Promotional & Commercials 3D Videos Production

They are a personality-driven introduction to your products and services, making them a wonderfully strong and cost-effective marketing tool, particularly if you are a company seeking to promote your product, service, or location to a larger audience.

We are an interactive digital marketing ageny with over a decade of expertise in full-service 3d animation video production in Dubai. Throughout these years, we have partnered with prominent national and international businesses operating in the UAE by providing them with strategically compelling and engaging digital media services to aid in their growth.

walkthrough video

A walkthrough video is a type of video that takes the viewer on a guided tour of a product, service, or process. It is often used to explain how to use something, demonstrate its features, or give a virtual tour of a physical space.

Walkthrough videos can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Educating customers: Walkthrough videos can be used to teach customers how to use a new product or service. This can be especially helpful for complex products or services, or for products that require specific assembly or setup instructions.
  • Demonstrating features: Walkthrough videos can be used to demonstrate the features of a product or service. This can help customers to understand how a product or service works and what benefits it offers.
  • Giving virtual tours: Walkthrough videos can be used to give virtual tours of physical spaces, such as homes, offices, or retail stores. This can be helpful for customers who are unable to visit a physical space in person.

Explainer 3D Animation Video Production in Dubai

Explainer 3D Animation Video Production in Dubai

Explainer 3D Animation videos are excellent marketing tools, and we offer the finest explainer 3D animation video services in Dubai. We design custom-tailored versions that define your product, promote your service, illustrate your procedure, and support your viewpoints.

Our superior explainer 3D animation video production services may assist your business in generating leads and increasing conversion.

How Our Corporate 3D Animation Videos Will Help You?

Our skill in corporate 3D animation video production in Dubai may drastically lower your bounce rates and increase brand recognition. As the best animated 3D video production company in Dubai UAE, we create explainer films with simple language in English and Arabic, along with well-designed images.

How Our Corporate 3D Animation Videos Will Help You?

This successfully makes complicated ideas and procedures easier to comprehend and recall. Whether it is meant for social media outlets or a completely other audience, the great explainer video requires a clear script, seamless transitions, and excellent editing. In addition, we employ a strong storyline with modern animation components and infographics that engage your target audience.

3D Animated Product Designing

Whether you are just starting a new project or getting ready to launch full-scale production, we can meet you anywhere in your development process to help improve your products while decreasing costs and production time.

3D Animated Product Designing

We work with everything from prototype-ready CAD models to sketches on napkins to help you quickly develop high-quality parts and products.

Our experienced team of engineers will analyze every stage of the development process to ensure that you have the best solution possible to meet the unique needs of your project. Additionally, by designing your product from the ground up, we can help you get the most benefit from our advanced manufacturing services.

Social Media Production of 3D Animation Videos

The methods of advertising 3D Animation company videos have been transformed by social media, from television and radio commercials to images and videos. 80 per cent of worldwide online traffic consists of video, with Facebook alone producing 8 billion video views every day.

Social Media Production of 3D Animation Videos

YouTube has nearly 1 billion monthly active users, and the number of hours they spend watching videos is increasing by 60 per cent annually.

We are the best 3D animation video production company with comprehensive explainer video production services in Dubai. We specialize in producing high-quality 3D animation videos based on a sound content approach. As part of our many years of service, we have produced films for a variety of businesses across industry verticals.

3D Animation Videos Experince

3D Animation videos have the incredible and unique potential to transcend age, cultural, geographical, and linguistic barriers to influence us profoundly and emotionally in ways that no other media could ever accomplish.

3D Animation Videos Experince

Over the years, we have satisfied our clients’ needs by providing them with superior video 3D animation services; as a result, we have established ourselves as one of the top video 3D animation firms in Dubai. We aim for customer satisfaction and maintain strong customer relationships.

We are committed to achieving customer satisfaction; as a result, we work hard to create solid relationships with our clients. We want to make customers feel at ease and enjoy the entire process, while also exceeding their expectations in the end.

2D Animation Video Production

A well-produced animated explainer 2D animation video has greater persuasive power than just text. Animated explainer videos are regarded as a remarkable commercial communication tool.

A short and crisp animated film will captivate your potential clients and provide information about your product or service engagingly within minutes, as the modern consumer does not have the time to read pages upon pages on your website.

2D Animation Video Production

We’ve worked on different kinds of animated media, from motion graphics design to 3D and 2D animations videos, bringing characters to life and giving them expressions. Then, we use them to convey your important messages in our trademark manner.

Our animation specialists will bring your creative ideas to life to tell your narrative and express your message with an enduring effect. We provide dynamic 2D and 3D animation services that include character animation, vector graphics, and kinetic typography to convey your message.

In addition, technology is only part of the tale. Our professional video firm is comprised of talented storytellers and animators who bring animation to life via well-crafted storylines and images.

3D Animation Videos Production

The most effective method of communicating interesting and instructive knowledge is through 3D animated films. We are a 3D Animtion Film production company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi that creates high-quality explainers and 3D animation videos for many sectors.

3D Animation Videos Production

In summary, we create each element of the graphics according to the supplied style, narrative, and target audience.

Infographics, explainer videos, motion graphics, 2D character animations, 3D modelling, 3D rendering, and texturing are among our offerings

Additional Services

legend1st Services

We digitally render them to create an exceptional animated feature. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we have a state-of-the-art animation studio, enabling us to make high-quality 3D animation videos worldwide with timely inputs and in significantly less time.

Our approach to animated films is entirely participatory. Every aspect of the development process is discussed with the customer. Thus, gaining their innovative ideas and recommendations. Everything with timely insights and inputs, within your budget and much more quickly.

How Our Animation Services studio Work?

Understanding your objective

We continually attempt to be quick, adaptable, and nimble in response to novel ideas, and we aim to provide films that are aligned with your organisation’s objectives and convey

Commercial video, Music video, Corporate video, Educational video, Event video, Animated video, Product video, Explainer video, Social media video, Live streaming video

your brand value.

We recognize that each production is unique, therefore we approach each project with excitement and a wealth of innovative ideas for connecting with the intended audience.

Our expert team is responsible for creating some of the most successful and viral 3D animation campaigns for our worldwide customers. Our primary emphasis is on generating brand narratives that transcend the competition in a manner that strengthens the customer business over time.

We strive to surpass expectations, create memorable experiences, and maximize the potential of brands. Our marketing mix consists solely of services with a demonstrated ROI, supported by data.

With ever-changing marketing strategies, we operate inclusively around the clock with an intimate understanding of the brand’s inner and outer personas.

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Video Script Writing

Every piece of content writing contains a story, and every tale has a narrative that captivates your consumer, viewer, or player. Consider the value of an engaging and tailored

like Commercial videos, Music videos, Corporate videos, Educational videos, Event videos, Animated videos, Product videos, Explainer videos, Social media videos, Live streaming videos to each kind of different script.

screenplay if you like to inform customers about your products, 3D animation services, or organization, or if you wish to convey a certain message. Scriptwriting’s essential tenets are the effective conveyance of ideas and the generation of novel concepts.

writing script for business

Here, we have a group of talented writers who have mastered their script writing. Strong storylines are created by our professionals to match a brand promotion, a business service, or a general advertising message.

Our skilled writers and storytellers will accompany you through the whole process, from research to storyboard to commentary and voice-over.

We provide a story structure that is based on content writing frameworks which will increase your sale. This gives you the greatest opportunity for commercial, business, or architectural 3D animation videos, educational games, or movies to attract your audience.

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3D Animated Video Production Phases

There are three crucial phases that video producers must complete for the production of 3D Animated videos. With these three steps, businesses will execute a variety of duties that will contribute

to the creation of a 3D animation final film.

Pre- Production

Pre-production is the initial phase of the 3D animated video production process. In this phase, we begin to establish their early video production plans.

The first stage is to prepare a screenplay, in which a member of the 3D animation production expert team describes in detail what will occur in the video. These comprise portions in which a certain topic will be discussed or in which someone will do a demonstration.

Setting a 3D animation production timeline, designing visual concepts, exploring sites, planning a wardrobe, and preparing for post-production are the most frequent pre-production tasks.

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3D Animated Video Pre- Production

Pre-production is the initial phase of the 3D explainer videos production process. In this phase, we begin to establish their early 3D animation video productions plans. The first stage is to prepare a screenplay,

in which a member of the production team describes in detail what will occur in the video. These comprise portions in which a certain topic will be discussed or in which someone will do a demonstration.

Setting a production timeline, designing visual concepts, exploring sites, planning a wardrobe, and preparing for post-production are the most frequent pre-production tasks.

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3D Animation Film Production

In the 3D Aniamtion production phase, the anmiated video is created. During this phase, video sequences and parts will be captured in real-time. Whenever production occurs,

a camera team will begin filming sequences for movies or news pieces for television.

The production team will also consider lighting, camera angles, and location in order to make the explainer videos or film as visually appealing as feasible. In certain projects, a team of graphic designers creates visuals and set pieces to depict the setting of a film or news programme.

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3D Animation Post-Production

After the creation of a 3D video or film has been completed, the last phase, known as post-production, will occur. We will assess the 3D animated video and audio footage during post-production.

Then, we will ensure that the entire 3D animated video was captured as planned. Additionally, the team will assemble the sound effects, visual effects, colours, audio upgrades, and sound design to complete the work. When creating a movie or film, the crew will utilise 3D animation video editing software.

We will effectively complete the project and have it ready for broadcast or distribution using 3D animation video editing tools.

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Why choose Our 3D Animation Video Production Company among companies in Dubai?

legend1st Guaranteed Results

Our animated video production agency recognizes that you are spending time and money with us, and we appreciate it. We always start by thoroughly researching our target audience. This allows you to create an experience tailored to your target audience.

Our 3D animation video production process is replete with creative concepts and endeavours to set you apart from the competition. When searching for the finest 3D animation video production companies in Dubai, UAE, you may encounter several possibilities that make you hesitant about making a choice.

legend1st Internet Visibility

our agency work with the growth of your business and web traffic in mind, as it is what you want from the 3D animated video.

Our agency strategists and marketing team employ the most effective SEO techniques to provide you with beneficial results and an enduring online presence. If you want to influence your brand, you should start 3D video marketing right away.

legend1st Professional Narration

Especially in the form of 3D animation video, a compelling tale leaves a lasting impression. If you own a small or medium-sized business and want to sell your brand through video storytelling, you’ve come to the perfect spot. Our animators, storytellers, and producers collaborate to achieve outcomes.

Choose The Best

As a leading video production house, we are the ideal 3D animation video production agency with which to collaborate on any short or feature film project. In Dubai, hire one of our skilled videographers and get services till 3D animation post-production.

Utilize our knowledge as one of the leading 3D Animation video production houses in Dubai and increase your brand value. We are a creative media production firm that offers comprehensive 3D animation video production services.

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How much does 3D anmiation video production cost?

A 3-minute business film created professionally often costs between AED 5,000 and AED 100,000.

The typical cost per minute of 3D animation video production is between AED 1,000 and  AED 5,000. When dealing with a production business, your budget should be open.  If there is no budget, to begin with, the production business will have to estimate one.

Be wary of engaging with a 3D animation video production business that provides a single price for a film or series of videos without elaborating on the components of that price.

How long does it take to make 3D animation video production?

A straightforward 3D animated video with superficial elements and no animated characters may be produced in around four weeks. However, 3D animated videos with more movement and animation, such as a fight scene, may take many months.

In general, it takes eight to ten weeks to generate 3D animation of sixty to ninety seconds. Complex frame-by-frame animation will take significantly longer than simple motion graphics animation.

Briefing, scriptwriting, key illustration/concept art, storyboard, 3D animation, and sound design are the steps that make up the normal eight-week time frame to complete the entire 3D animation production. The success of the 3D animation depends on each phase of the process.

What makes us the best 3D animation video production company in Dubai?

The purpose of 3D animation is to create a vision, an illusion. Primarily through blending fantasy with thrills to bring things to life.

Our 3D animation video company has an in-house, fully-functional animation production studio. In brief, the combination of ageless skill with beauty.

We excel in absorbing and simplifying the nuances of ideas to generate 3D animated videos for the public. Consequently, we produce award-winning, attention-getting animated corporate videos. That’s us.

We develop innovative animated explainer videos, animation services, and motion graphics for enterprises and businesses. Their animation style is distinct and enduring.

Our video production house specializes in 3D animation as well as motion graphics. We feel that video is currently the most influential kind of media.  Our excellent service backed by our experience makes us the top 3D animation video production company in Dubai.


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We manage social profiles to increase credibility and online presence to your target audience.

We write creative SEO-optimized website content and engaging articles to engage your readers.

We rank businesses’ websites higher in Google search results to get in front of your target audience.

We run creative advertisement on search engines and social media to accelerate your sales.

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