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Elevate your business by incorporating cutting-edge technology through the finest blockchain development

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Blockchain Development

Elevate your business by incorporating cutting-edge blockchain technology through the finest blockchain development company in Dubai and around United Arab Emirates.

Do you wish to enjoy enhanced security, custom software development, data protection, artificial intelligence, and tracing, increased savings, error-free transactions, and unmatched productivity? These and a host of other unseen benefits await your company when you partner up with the top blockchain technology experts and software development company in Dubai UAE.

We ensure that you get the most personalized blockchain technology solutions with tailored innovative software solutions and services that suit your needs, regardless of the nature and niche of your business.

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Quick Background

Our company was founded in 2010 with the aim of providing basic website design, mobile app development, software development and SEO services across Dubai and in UAE. Today, clients attest that our company is one of the leading blockchain development companies, not just in Dubai but in regions beyond the United Arab Emirates. With offices across the middle-east, Asia, and Europe, we’ve grown beyond the tag of simply being a software development company, mobile app development and SEO services. If our customers claim that Legend1st marketing and Mobile Applications is the leading provider of blockchain solutions, web development, digital marketing, leading app developers and we do not take this recognition lightly.

With a heart to serve, vision to help, and expertise to match, we’re determined to provide the blockchain solutions that are fast, cost-effective, and accessible for any business. We also serve as a mobile app development company, graphic design center, content writing wellspring, and powerhouse of all things web development requires. Thanks to our team of proven experts. So, we can meet any custom software development need or web design requirement, even though our expertise lies in blockchain technology and development. We’re not just mobile app development company. We’re a full-suite service provider in blockchain technology.


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Our Blockchain Solutions and Services

Consultancy Services on Blockchain Development

We deliver the full suite of services clients expect from the best blockchain development companies, software development companies, mobile app development companies, tailored innovative software solutions, custom software development companies in the world.


Development of Decentralized Applications (dApps)

Our development team creates unique dApps that come tailored for your business and its operations. We target efficiency from the first blueprint till the final execution of the project.

With our Decentralized application development, tailored innovative software solutions and with software application designers your applications remain transparent, cost-effective, and resistant to censorship.

Our decentralized apps will come personalized and compact with advanced technologies for your company resulting in increased returns and enhanced revenue.


Customized Blockchain Application Development

Grab your own custom blockchain software that’s tailor-made, best blockchain technology  and with next level well rounded technology solutions  for your business model.

Our application development and blockchain developers team seeks to provide client-specific software solutions to help businesses get a leg up in the competition. We look forward to teaming up/partnering with you in custom software development regardless of whether you’re a startup, a burgeoning e commerce service, online business or a large-scale enterprise.

Enjoy more transparency, increased privacy, reliable auditor, smart contracts and higher security when blockchain technology is incorporated into your mobile app development, blockchain app development, digital marketing and custom software development.

Our secure and reliable blockchain services and software development remain unmatched by any other custom software development company in Dubai, in UAE, or beyond the United Arab Emirates.


Development of NFT Marketplace

NFTs are taking the tech world by storm. They create a union between proprietary content and virtual communication. Businesses or individuals with a vision for the future know that the potential for revenue is high if NFTs are managed correctly.

We can create blockchain-based marketplaces where your customers may buy or sell these unique digital assets. In the process, you create engagement and rake in increased revenue through a breakthrough marketplace.


Blockchain Supply Chain

Bring new efficiency to your business’s supply chain by rendering reliable blockchain technology, web development and architecture.

With the right blockchain supply chain and a suitable smart contract, every step of your supply chain remains transparent, trackable, and free of errors or discrepancies. You can monitor your product’s location, state, or progress at any point of the journey from start to finish.

Your business will enjoy more efficient payments, smoother collaborations, business processes and more ethical sourcing of products.


Decentralized Exchange

One of the growing uses of blockchain technology is the creation of independent, data analytics and largely automated exchanges. Get your very own decentralized exchange that accepts all tokens, oozes security, increases accessibility, excellent service, business growth and removes the need for annoying KYC.

We can build stable decentralized exchanges that are immune to hacking regardless of whether it’s created on platforms like iOS or Android.

Nowhere else will you get a more efficient platform for digital currency trading and blockchain technology than our dedicated decentralized exchanges in Dubai or United Arab Emirates.


Development of Smart Contracts

Remove the risk of trusting third parties or human error when you automate your business undertakings with smart contracts. Get all the control, verification, and execution of your agreements done virtually and quickly with our smart contract development services and mobile app development.

Our smart contract expertise and industry specific software solutions will ensure that you get access to top-tier contracts that will deploy and self-execute with ease and efficiency.

We’ve already delivered highly efficient smart contract solutions for dApps, supply chain networks, artificial intelligence, commerce development, web development companies, NFT projects, and countless crowdfunding initiatives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and other middle east countries. We offer this experience and professionalism to any client looking for blockchain developers for smart contracts.


Tokenization on a Blockchain

Tokenization brings the potential to mitigate volatility and promoting the liquidity and business growth of almost any type of digital data or asset.

Ensure the safety and liquidity of all your data without compromising on security features through our tokenization services. We’ll make your data more resilient and challenging process to breaches, less reliant on resources, and more convenient for your customers to manage.

Our team of unique blockchain and mobile app development experts will guide and collaborate with you on every step of the process. They have the required expertise and can be the spearheads of your project. Alternatively, they can be a source of silent support or serve as a consulting team if you prefer holding the reins.


Blockchain Wallets

With e commerce, web development, digital marketing, mobile app development and transactional exchanges increasing, creating a secure and reliable medium of storing, managing, and executing associated actions is an utmost requirement today. As a company that constantly leads and appears on the list of the top blockchain development services, tailored innovative software solutions and digital transformation company with all the amazing skills we are determined to deliver the ideal digital wallet for your company.

Enjoy a digital wallet that supports immediate transactions, lower fees, and increased efficiency while remaining secure and easy to use.

Our wallet solutions and products can serve your needs regardless of whether you run an e commerce service, digital wallet service, crypto exchange, data analytics or any kind of business that involves online transactions.


The Blockchain Development Process


The correct design of blockchain technology is a complicated affair. We have a team that simplifies it for you.


On our first sitting, the team of custom software development experts and business analysts will sit with you to determine the best solution for your business requirements and foremost agile innovators.

We have dedicated teams for conducting market research, recommending blockchain platforms, development centre, iot development and finding the right tools to get it done.

Our consultation team is considered as leading brands of blockchain industry experts, customized blockchain solutions, e commerce development and web development veterans who make the initial process easy and convenient for you.


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UX and Design Execution

Once the design face is over, we begin developing a solution that is a clear reflection of the blockchain solution you envision.


We offer a custom software development phase with real time solution where we determine which UX elements can be improved. We finetune the process with the aim of ensuring that your product’s UX is a smooth, coherent, and harmonious experience.

Developing blockchain technologies is a high-stakes venture when it comes to technical requirements of development agency. One of the areas we focus on is a leading dedication to the flawless execution of technical construction so that you can be at ease knowing your solution will function beyond best part of expectations.


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Enterprise Solutions

We have immense experience as an enterprise blockchain development company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and across Europe.


Our blockchain development services will integrate different aspects of your business and allow easy access and management under one framework. We are committed to building enterprise-grade solutions that make your company more cohesive and efficient, with the option to scale up later as your company grows.


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Launch and Rollout

Our deployment team is a leading part of our service as a one of the best blockchain development companies around the United Arab Emirates. The team will roll out each element of your solution in a phase-wise manner.


The launch takes place in four major phases:

  • The rollout of backend design
  • Launching the frontend elements
  • Configuration of your custom network
  • Validating the blockchain nodes to ensure smooth communication and transactions.


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Support and Maintenance for Blockchain Solutions

One major challenge of running high-grade blockchain technologies is the ongoing care and continuity of your solution. Any company that ignores this risk will inevitably halt to a stop in their blockchain development journey.


To counter these dangers, as a top blockchain development company, web development, app development or software development, we are determined to provide project-specific and ongoing support to each of our clients. In the United Arab Emirates alone, we have a long list of clients who continue enjoying uninterrupted service thanks to our prompt maintenance actions.

Whether it’s the introduction of the latest operating systems, updating security measures, or grabbing third-party add-ons, we have teams in Dubai and elsewhere around the world to cater to every project need.


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Scaling Up and Upgrading

As the leading blockchain technology development company in Dubai, we ensure that your systems remain updated on the latest releases and market trends.


So, if you seek to migrate your operations to a new platform, we’ll handle it with ease as your go-to blockchain development company. Changing your protocol will require increasing expertise in blockchain technology and iot development. We offer secure and time-saving measures that ensure fast migration with zero loss of data or resources.


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Blockchain Technology

As a company that seeks to deliver cutting-edge tech solutions and is based in Dubai UAE, our client’s requirements go over and beyond blockchain technology. As a result, we provide basic and everyday services like mobile app development, social media management, advertising campaigns, graphic and web design services, and even 3D video production.

Are you looking to boost sales with a high-engagement copy for your websites? Grab our content and copywriting expertise for a fraction of the price that competitors charge. Perhaps you want a custom website built from scratch. We’ve recently created visually engaging and user-oriented websites for a client who’s raking in the best revenue in the company’s history.

Maybe you’re looking for application development expertise. Our mobile app development team will formulate, curate, design, and develop applications that serve your needs with ease. Our mobile app development team has over a decade’s experience in basic Play Store application development or high-grade decentralized apps on blockchain technology.

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The United Arab Emirates and its premier city Dubai, in particular, remain a nest for cutting-edge technology and blockchain solutions that push ordinary tech frontiers. As a top service provider from Dubai UAE, we have grown and catered to these state-of-the-art projects and requirements using both blockchain and traditional web technologies.

Today, our services reach out beyond Dubai and the middle-east. Our offices and centers in Europe and Asia ensure smooth execution and fast delivery regardless of your location or the kind of blockchain development you require.

So, whether you need basic mobile app development services or high-grade, enterprise-level blockchain solutions, our team of experts offers everything you need in the industry. Revolutionize your company and ramp up your revenues by partnering up with the top blockchain development companies in Dubai.


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What is the Blockchain Development and benefits ?

A decentralized digital ledger that is simultaneously present on several computers is known as a blockchain. It is a series of blocks that each contain records of data that have a distinctive hash value that prevents data manipulation. Blockchain development is the process of creating platforms or apps that use the blockchain technology. With their capacity to hold immutable data, they can enhance the business ecosystems’ trust and transparency.

We are a blockchain development business that can offer blockchain development services beginning with the creation of a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) and continuing with the setup of a decentralized application, deployment on the cloud or on-premise, and maintenance after the development stage.


What are the business applications of Blockchain?

Now that blockchain technology has emerged from the realm of geek technology, it is widely accepted. Numerous blockchain business applications are changing how data is accessible and stored in a variety of industries, including healthcare, finance, supply chain management, insurance, and digital identification.


Following are some of the Blockchain Business Applications:

  1. Insurance
  2. Healthcare
  3. Lending
  4. Digital Identity
  5. Supply Chain and Logistics
  6. Media and Entertainment
  7. Real Estate
  8. Government Operations
  9. Waste Management
  10. Real Estate


Whether your blockchain project focuses on banking, healthcare, digital identification, media and entertainment, or any other use case, we are prepared to be your blockchain technology partner and assist you in realizing the promise of blockchain in your business case.


What Blockchain Development Platforms do we work on?

The demand for the blockchain development platform is soaring as organizations begin to utilize the promise of blockchain by creating blockchain business applications.

We are aware that there are several blockchain platforms on the market; as a result, we devote our valuable effort on platforms that can scale and provide security for blockchain applications.

Our blockchain engineers have experience working on the following blockchain development platforms since we are a prominent blockchain development company:

  • Ethereum
  • Hyperledger Fabric
  • Hyperledger Sawtooth
  • Hyperledger Indy
  • Tron
  • Stellar
  • EOS
  • Corda
  • Hedera Hashgraph

Based on the following considerations, we have chosen the aforementioned platforms for blockchain development:

  • Development Status of the Platform
  • Languages supported by the Platform
  • The popularity of the Platform
  • Type of Blockchain Permission
  • Smart Contracts functionality
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