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What do you need to know before creating a logo?

Here are some basic guidelines and critical points for the logo design to keep in mind when creating a brand identity for your business.

I believe you should disregard the advice; in fact, you can only understand how to go in a completely different direction and build something incredible if you first understand these main logo design points. Each design decision should be based on well-considered and balanced considerations.

If there is anything to take out of this post, it should be that while every good designer knows the basics, he must also be willing to push the boundaries and always try to break into new ground.

But enough of that! These are the critical logo design points that every designer should consider every time they work on a project.


Everything needs research. Try browsing the internet for sample logos. See what your company’s competitor logos look like and find out what makes the customer want your design.

Describe the company/business

As stated above, your logo is your company. As a show, it will be the introduction, so make it as presentable as possible. Make sure you send a message of what people expect from your business with just a glance.


Just because you’ve seen the effectiveness of your competitors’ logos doesn’t mean you have to make yours look so similar to theirs. Make your logo different so customers can determine it’s theirs even if a letter is missing.

Colour matters

Be it brown, grey, silver, black, color is the key to a highly interactive logo. As stated in the previous article, you need to make your logo unique, and one of the ways to ensure that people remember your logo is through colors. But be careful, colors can send a message, so don’t go the shade that suits you best.

Specific colors have strong associations, although each country or culture has its interpretations (something to consider regarding global brands). Colour can be a perfect way to set yourself apart from a logo from others in the same industry and to make a strong impression on your audience.

However, it’s easy to get caught up in trying to find the right palette, so designing in monochrome first is a good idea. Using just black and white (or grey and white if you’re like me and find black a little overwhelming) allows you to focus on the logo forms first and get it right.

There will undoubtedly be instances where the logo must be made in a single colour, so you need to make sure that the logo can stand on its own, without relying on anyone color to work. Once you’ve figured out the silhouette for the logo, you can try a few color options.

Fonts and letters too

Apart from color, fonts and letters should reinforce the uniqueness of your logo. But you don’t need to come up with a new font style just for the sake of your logo. You can use simple, elegant and stylish ones. Make sure the font styles you use suit your business and go along with your logo color combinations.

Make it fashionable

The more modern, the more likely it is that people will remember your logo. Today, minimalism is the key to keeping the logo trendy. But of course, that depends on what your company offers. You can do some research on the trendiest symbols of the year and start with them.

Save your drafts

You will never know when you need a new logo. Make sure you keep all your drafts, no matter how dated they look.


To increase usability and memorability, simplify and optimise logo designs. Complex elements are lost when a logo is shrunk or written, and an excessively complicated logo is difficult to replicate. Complex logos are also more difficult for people to remember and process. Please keep it simple by using solid, clean shapes and avoiding strictly decorative elements like overly complex textures, gradients, and shadow effects.


Make sure the logo design style is appropriate for the brand you belong to. The logo is also usually the starting point of your entire brand identity and will dictate the overall type of your brand’s appearance. Ask yourself if you should have a more classic style. Or modern? Maybe a handmade feel?

Ensure the logo you’re designing reflects the brand you’re representing and accurately expresses what your company is all about. And make sure your ego doesn’t get in the way! You are not the subject of this logo! (Unless it’s for your brand, in which case it’s all about you.) But, most importantly, your target market!)

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