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3 Best E-Commerce Website Design & Development Company in Dubai

E-Commerce Website Design and Development

Website design and development are among the critical components for bringing in customers and conversions in digital marketing. Common characteristics of the best dubai websites include:


·         Intuitive interface 

·         Exceptional usability 

·         Attractive design 

·         Organic content optimized for search engines 

·         State-of-the-art security

e-commerce website design

Not surprisingly, these websites also take the top places in their respective niches in search engines. Statistics reveal that 75% of web users never scroll past the first page, meaning that the top-ranking websites enjoy all the traffic, clicks, and conversion rates.

Poorly designed websites, on the other, languish at the bottom pages – without any traffic or conversion. This is where the best e-commerce website design companies come into the picture. These digital marketing houses are experts in creating a personalized website for your company or brand, so you are set to take on your competitors.


Dubai is home to some of the best e-commerce website development companies, which is great as you have many options. Conversely, finding the right design company for your specific needs can be challenging. 


We’ve reviewed the top three e-commerce website design and development companies in Dubai. But first, a crash course on how to choose the best web design team.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a best Web Design company in Dubai

Before you decide to pick a company to create and design your website, these are the key questions to ask first.

customer-service-satisfaction-concept by Legend1st

How credible are they?

A surefire way to gauge the credibility of any web design company is through reviews from past clients and ratings on third-party platforms. Companies and brands usually have no way to edit and censor independent reviews making it a fantastic way to know whether a website design company is trustworthy or not. 


For instance, Legend1st has over 300 stellar reviews on Google with a rating of 5/5, which is a testament to its credibility. On Trustpilot, too, Legend1st has a trust score of 4.8/5, earning high praise from several clients. 

Quality of their designs

Another important factor in choosing a top website design company is to look at the quality of their existing designs. This includes usability, graphic design, webpage layout, and scalability across all platforms. 

How knowledgeable are they about SEO

High-performing websites have one thing in common – search-optimized content indispensable for website ranking. The best website design company will optimize content for search engines to pick it up quickly. 

Check their portfolio

Another critical feature that makes a website design company stand out is its portfolio. Apart from website design, look for a company that excels in graphic design, content writing, SEO, online advertisement, and app development, among others. 


Do they keep up with modern web design trends?

Website design and layout trends keep changing because of the constant changes in of search engines algorithms. Only the best website design companies that keep up to date with these trends can help you create a top-performing website.

best web design company in dubai

3 Best E-Commerce Website Design & Development Company in Dubai

1- Legend1st – Best Overall Pick for E-Commerce Website Design

If you want the best e-commerce website design in Dubai to establish your brand, you can’t go wrong with Legend1st. This website design and development company has over a decade of experience serving clients worldwide.

In addition to the years of experience, Legend1st has a star team of web and graphic developers, designers, and marketers. The digital marketing agency, with its head offices at Crystal Tower Business Bay, Dubai, also collaborates with the biggest names, including Microsoft and Google, which is a testament to their outstanding quality of work.

Legend1st web site design services

Available services

A hallmark of the best website design company is a diverse portfolio, and Legend1st does not disappoint. The design company offers multiple services, including:

Graphic design

Legend1st’s graphic design is an award-winning service available for clients in English and Arabic. The graphic design packages are available for all budgets, big and small.  The digital advertising brand covers graphic design, from presentation design to company profile, logo, and banner ads.

Website design

Legend1st offers website design for startup companies as well as redesigning existing websites. The in-house team of experts at Legend1st excels at creating websites that have seamless UI/UX, high conversion, low bounce rate, marketing, and branding.

Mobile App Development

Legend1st is also an expert in mobile apps that run seamlessly on iOS and Android. The mobile app creative team has expertise in different fields, including transport, banking, e-commerce, and many more.

SEO Services

The expert team at this digital advertising agency excels in on-page/off-page SEO and technical SEO. In addition, the team also manages Google posts, local and map optimization, and sector-specific SEO.

Social media Marketing

Regarding social media, Legend1st has expertise in online exposure, developing a brand voice, and recognition. The team of experts also helps increase profitability, improve customer reach, and research hashtags.

Content writing

Legend1st has a content writing team that creates high-quality, keyword-rich content that engages the readers and provides information. You will find content writing for blogs, emails, product descriptions, and creative content.

Online advertising

For online advertising, Legend1st takes responsibility for advertising, marketing, and branding requirements. The expert team ensures that online advertising is fully integrated with SEO, email, social media, and website campaigns.

3D Video Production

Digital advertising is undergoing tremendous changes, and companies with some form of visual engagement with customers perform significantly better than those without it. Legend1st has an expert team for video production as well.


  • Diverse portfolio

  • Highly experienced team

  • Outstanding design and development

  • Result-oriented services

  • Up to date with SEO and other trends


  • Delivery times for websites can vary depending on the size of the project

Why choose Legend1st

Legend1st has all the ingredients of a top web design company. It is a well-established team with some of the top developers and designers. In addition, Legend1st offers great customer service, an engaging social media presence, and several resources at your disposal.

Lenge1st also offer a flexible budget to cater to all your needs, which undeniably makes them one of the best e-commerce website designers in Dubai.

2- Kingsmen Agency – Best for photography-focused Website Design

Our second pick of the best e-commerce website design companies is Kingsmen Agency. This digital marketing office is located in Dubai and also operates from its Saudi Office.

Kingsmen Agency has credibility certificates from top names such as Google and Facebook. The team at this digital marketing and advertising company is as dynamic as they are diverse, and they specialize in website design, logo, social media, animations, photography, and videography.

Kingman Agency Services

Available services

At Kingsmen Agency, you will find several services apart from website design. This includes:

Web Solutions

This involves web design, brand development, SEO setup, monitoring, and new content creation. Kingsmen Agency also focuses on UI/UX design, usability testing, and in-house training for interested clients.


It involves the creation of a business slogan, logo, company profile, vision, and mission. Branding by the Kingsmen Agency team will ensure that your company has a unique name for your brand that will stand out from the rest.

Social media management

Social media management is another service that the Kingsmen Agency team has a lot of experience in. The team takes care of interacting with the users on your social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Photography services

Kingsmen Agency also excels in photography services while building websites. Some areas of photography where this agency excels include food, studio, individual portraits, backstage photography, and sports coverage.

Professional photography is crucial for running a successful business since statistics reveal that more than 60% of web users prefer a site with some type of picture. And Kingsmen Agency is well-equipped to take care of any professional photography.

Videography services

Websites with videos can attract customers quicker than those with pictures and text can. Videos and motion graphics can leave a lasting impression on your clients and make your brand unforgettable.

Kingsmen Agency’s team of videographers is well-versed in promotional videos, portraits, gourmet videos, reportage, after-movie, and many more.


  • Well-priced budget for all types of services
  • Great portfolio
  • Quick delivery time
  • Excellent team of experts


  • This digital advertising company does not have mobile app development services.

Why choose Kingsmen Agency

Kingsmen Agency has an outstanding team and has worked with top names in the industry, making them very credible and trustworthy. Besides, this digital agency has a portfolio that covers a wide range of expertise. You will also love Kingsmen Agency’s customer service, quick delivery, and multiple packages suitable for all types of budgets.

Finally, if you wish to brand your website with professional photographs and motion graphics, Kingsmen Agency is just the perfect website development company for you.

3- APH Technologies – Best for SharePoint development

APH Technologies is our final pick of companies that provide the best e-commerce website development in Dubai. This digital marketing agency is located at AL Rouhani BLD, Dubai, and serves local and international clients.

APH sharepoint development

Available services

This web development company has several years of experience and a team of experts that offers several solutions, as discussed below.

SharePoint development

APH Technologies collaborates with Microsoft SharePoint to make this feature available to their global clients. This custom-made service aims to develop both internet and intranet websites, which is indispensable for businesses with offices in several locations worldwide.

In addition to the service, APH technologies have several resources on SharePoint on their website.

Website development

Among APH’s top services is website development, which covers everything from website design to development. The team at APH technologies is expert at both front-end and back-end, making them one of the best e-commerce website design in Dubai.

Microsoft Dynamics

APH Technologies also have a lot of expertise in ERP solutions through Microsoft Dynamics. This is a relatively new service for many digital advertising agencies, but APH is already far ahead in the game. It includes everything from CRM and other software-focused business processes.

Search Engine Optimization

As one of the key components in digital marketing, APH Technologies understands SEO’s importance for your businesses. In addition to creating a great website, the expert team at APH has what it takes to optimize your website for all major search engines, including Google, Edge, Brave, Bing, etc.

Microsoft Project Server

Along with SharePoint Development Company, APH also provides Microsoft Project Server, an end-to-end project for portfolio management and collaborative project so that companies can have better decision-making.

This service is also instrumental in helping companies have better insight and visibility and align funds and resources with their business needs.

Mobile application

APH team of developers also offers mobile app development, particularly for the iOS platform. This digital marketing company in Dubai has developed mobile apps for several companies, both local and international.



  • Excels in SharePoint and other advanced services
  • Partners with top companies
  • Fantastic team with expertise in different fields
  • Great reviews for past and existing clients


  • APH Technologies does not offer dedicated service in videography

Why choose APH Technologies

APH has several advanced features, such as SharePoint development, that are unavailable to other digital advertising companies. In addition, this web design team also has a diverse portfolio and years of experience and is on trend with the latest in technology and SEO.

If you have a company or a brand with several offices spanning the globe, APH Technologies in Dubai may just be the answer for you.

Criteria for choosing the best e-commerce website designs in Dubai 

Before we wrap up, below are the criteria we used for choosing the best E-Commerce website design companies in Dubai. 

  • Diverse portfolio 
  • Range of services 
  • Availability of different packages 
  • Customer care 
  • Reviews from past and existing clients 
  • Certifications and rewards from top companies 


Out of the many web design and development companies we researched, the three design studios on this list checked all the boxes for the strict selection criteria mentioned above. 

Kingsmen Agency and APH Technologies have their own advantages they can offer clients looking to create a website or brand their name. 

However, Legend1st is a league on its own because of its impressive range of services and the level of satisfaction from its customers all over the globe. The team at this Dubai-based digital marketing agency continues to set a yardstick in the advertising and web designing industry, which makes it a total winner. 

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