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Guide For Mobile App Development In Dubai on 2023

Mobile app development refers to developing software applications for mobile devices. In Dubai, many companies help develop high-quality and intuitive apps, and the charges vary depending on your requirements. This article discusses the importance of mobile apps in Dubai, the best app development companies, and how to find one. So, scroll on if you’re looking for insights into mobile app development.

What Is The Best Platform For App Development?

App development platforms help develop your apps with or without coding knowledge. To get you started, we’ve listed the three best platforms you’ll find suitable for all business purposes.


  • AppSheet: AppSheet is a code-free app development platform that provides software solutions for your businesses. It allows you to add useful features like maps, charts, image and code scanners, email notifications, and GPS.
  • Appy Pie: This is another platform that requires no coding and has a user-friendly interface. It comes with a 24/7 support system and training videos. The platform features AI integration and a drag-and-drop editor to add virtual reality and chatbots to your application. Appy Pie is suitable for business platforms, and you can also deploy the app to the App Store and Play Store.
  • Zoho Creator:  If you’re looking for a low-code app development platform, consider Zoho Creator, the all-in-one development software suitable for small to large businesses. It powers effective B2B and B2C solutions and is a must-have tool for database creation. Best of all, it has a friendly user interface and 24/7 customer support.


Importance Of Having Mobile App In Dubai?

As per 2022 data, mobile devices generated more than 58% of the total web traffic in the UAE. With many social media platforms being made mobile-friendly, the ratio of mobile to desktop browsing will only increase. As such, developers must keep the latest trends and market preferences to increase website traffic. Because the Internet has become an accessible tool for people of all ages and professions, desktop applications alone cannot guarantee the success of a website.

Many people prefer the convenience of smartphones and tablets to do quick searches and browse anywhere, anytime. And if your website design does not provide a mobile-friendly app, they’ll likely bounce back. The problem with having website bounce back is that Google records them. And over time, this will decrease your website rankings or prevent any potential growth.


How To Find The Best Mobile App Development Company In Dubai?

Here are some factors that you’ll want to consider before you choose a mobile app development company in Dubai:

  • Analyze and list your requirements: Before searching for a mobile app development company, you want to start by listing your website’s requirements. Will you use it as a personal blog or for managing your business? Do you need additional plugins for easy customization? Having answers to similar questions will quicken your searches.
  • Look for experienced firms: There’s nothing better than a company with years of experience to back its credibility. Hiring an experienced company means they can tackle issues more effectively and provide you with quick solutions.
  • Study their portfolio: An app development company’s portfolio showcases its services and states its successful projects. If you look through them, you’ll be able to determine that it is a fitting company for your requirements.
  • Enquire about their support system and flexibility: Running an app always comes with feedback, suggestions, and queries from the audience. As such, you need a team of developers to assist with any necessary changes in the future. So, your best bet is to hire a company that is flexible enough to incorporate timely changes and trends.
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