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We take a rather highly professional and expert approach to digital marketing and e-commerce website design in Dubai. We create business solutions that help businesses of all sizes to develop and achieve their full growth potential.


Legend1st Marketing & Mobile Applications FZE LLC is a top branding and marketing company, from the word “Legend1st” mean the legend writer as we made our client brands stand as legend on the business field. We offer all the services that cover all your requirements related to developing your website design business to improving your brand image.

We take a rather highly professional and expert approach to mobile app development company in dubai. We create business solutions that help businesses from all sizes to develop and achieve their full growth potential. The small businesses, too, gain considerably from our services, as we help them establish themselves and turn into a growing company.

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Our Mission

To become the preeminent firm in the world in terms of online design, development, and marketing. Our purpose is to assist our global clientele with innovative, cost-effective, and user-friendly web development and digital marketing strategies.

Our Vision

To help businesses worldwide succeed by providing them with innovative and practical design, development, and marketing services that give them a leg up in the marketplace and skyrocket their sales. 

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We also meet the custom requirements of all our clients,

Allow us to be the driving force behind your company’s rise to success. When it comes to innovative web solutions, marketing strategies, and search engine optimization, go no farther than Legend1st.

By analyzing and enhancing online profiles, we assist companies in attracting more customers and raising brand recognition. To help businesses expand, we offer SEO services, online advertising, and content strategy services. 

Our team of experienced designers, developers, and marketers collaborate to provide a user-friendly, attractive, and SEO-optimized website to our clients. We focus on providing top-level experience to our clients, from website to app designing and development to attractive UI/UX interfaces and making the platforms SEO optimized.

We understand your vision and turn it into a high-quality platform with a highly-engaging user interface.

Legend1st started as an individual project since the founder worked as a freelancer by providing design services of websites, logos, trademarks. The founder also specialized in providing marketing services for social media accounts and managing Google Ad campaigns for individuals and companies in Mansoura, Egypt. Then, the services provided by Legend1st increased as the founder started to provide his services through freelancing websites. Therefore, he gained extensive experience in ensuring customer satisfaction within a short period. This was significantly clear thanks to freelancing websites that enable customers to review the quality of the provided services. Consequently, the demand for our services has increased immensely.

Legend1st strove to develop the business from an individual business to a team-work based business that has a team capable of handling various tasks and assignments. Accordingly, the founder became fully dedicated to building a team of the best freelancers to provide the services for the requests that the founder receives. Many professionals work for the founder and under his name since the work volume required designing business and project management applications via computer and mobile phones. The reason for this breakthrough was the significant increase in the number of demanded services and the number of individuals working in the digital marketing business. Taking the above into account, there was a need for having computer and mobile phone applications to organize and manage the business.

Through the founder’s diligent work, Legend1st managed to expand its business and increase the volume of its financial engagements with other businesses, especially companies in the Middle East region. Therefore, the first office was established in Egypt in partnership with an entrepreneur to manage, implement and supervise the business. There was a critical need for such an establishment due to the company’s provision of design and software design services for many programs and applications that consistently require providing support to customers. In addition, there was a need for legal incorporation so that the company can receive payments from both regional and international clients. Legend1st sought to expand its programming services, especially with regard to website design services. This was done by maintaining the top-notch quality of the provided services and investing in the team responsible for carrying out those tasks.

Legend1stHong Kong was established as a result of the expansion of the company’s business regionally and internationally. This also happened in light of the volume of taxes imposed on businesses and in pursuit of an international status that suits the company’s expanded business. Establishing a new office aimed at developing the company to reach a multinational level in digital marketing and mobile app development services. The company provided services to international, regional, and local clients as there was a chance to avoid taxes and to take advantage of the huge potential available in Hong Kong.

Legend1stUAE was established due to the constant need for a regional team capable of meeting the company’s requirements in its largest regional market. This was especially important as there was an urgency for travelling from Dubai to the rest of the regional market countries. Such a step was taken in order to provide services in a manner that is characterized by closeness and specialization to corporate clients in the Gulf region. There is intense competition online among individuals and companies in providing digital marketing services. Hence, we needed to enhance our regional presence to keep up with the tremendous growth in need for information databases and systems as well as software in those countries.

Legend1st – UK was developed due to the constant demand for a regional team capable of addressing the clients’ needs in its biggest market. The opening of a UK branch was driven by the need to serve customers in the region better. With the proliferation of mobile and internet technologies and our increasing reliance on these and other technological conveniences, the need for reputable web development and marketing firms in the UK is only expected to increase.

Because of this, we have broadened our offerings to include comprehensive web, digital marketing, and technical support for businesses. We constantly endeavor to maintain and upgrade our knowledge, skills, and service offerings to best fulfill our clients’ needs. Our ability to consistently provide cutting-edge expertise and affordable rates gives us an edge over the competition and allows us to continue serving our clients in the United Kingdom.

Why to choose us?

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Why Use Us?

Worldwide clients

We assist companies worldwide in enhancing their internet visibility to attract more customers and raise brand recognition. Our services are geared toward increasing sales for our global clientele, and we are a performance-based digital marketing business. No matter where you are located, we can transform your business with our services. 


400+ Projects Completed

We have extensive experience with businesses of similar size and focus to yours, so you can trust that we will meet your unique requirements. We have confidence in our ability to increase a company’s online sales by applying growth-driven digital marketing tactics after completing 300 projects.

10 years of experience

We bring a wide range of skills and knowledge to every project we take on, thanks to 10 years of experience in the industry. For over a decade, we’ve been a trusted partner in many companies’ pursuit of online prosperity. In the same way, we can help you out. Our team is made up of seasoned experts that are dedicated to meeting and exceeding your every need.

Available in 4 countries Egypt, HK, UAE and UK

We have offices in the UK, UAE, HK and Egypt. In addition to developing and supplying solutions for businesses of all stripes, we also provide advisory services. Because of our expertise, we can assist companies of all sizes and across various industries in developing strategic marketing plans and a clear vision for enhancing their brand recognition.


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